Bangkok Aloe Limited Partnership

Founded in1990

Bangkok Aloe Limited Partnership was established with a registered capital of 10 million baht. The company's concept was to produce processed agricultural products. Our motto is “To be the leader in producing healthy, high quality food products in a safe, hygienic environment.” We put great emphasis on quality control and consistent product development starting from the selection process, quality assurance, quality control processes that are performed systematically up until when our products are delivered to our customers. Read more

“Nature has already prepared everything for the human race. We simply take it to produce and extract it into products while making sure it contains as much nutrients as its original form in order to get the best outcome.” Under the vision of Mr. Decho Omsintaveechok, Managing Director of Bangkok Aloe Ltd., Part. we aim to produce aloe vera herbs from the barbadensis mill species that has special properties from nature and transform it into processed products but keeping the same amount of benefits. Each of our product is produced with the latest technological machines with an investment of over 50 million baht. We have over 100 employees to accommodate the need of our customers both domestically and abroad. Currently, Bangkok Aloe exports aloe vera sap to foreign markets primarily to Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Laos and Myanmar. But our market is also expanding to European countries such as England and Switzerland.

At Bangkok Aloe, we care about the health of our consumers. We will continue to produce high quality products for our consumers both domestically and abroad. We are trusted by our loyal customers who believes in our efficiency in product development and is the reason our company continues to grow and expand in order to produce more health-related products. Under Bangkok Aloe, the brands we produce include Neutral-V, Natural-V, Polvera and Aqua Real (Alkaline Water) .

To be the leader in producing healthy, high quality
food products in a safe, hygienic environment

Quality Control & Development


We strongly focuses on quality control and consistent product development to comply with international standards and customers requirements.

The quality of the product delivered to the customers, and maintaining a hygienic, safe environment, is considered to be of paramount importance. The selection process, quality assurance, and quality control processes are performed systematically and with full data records.

For surely , we supply our worldwide customers only premium-quality products, manufactured using the latest technology and equipment.

We have R&D sections for research and development the products to meet the customer's requirements. We are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) , so we choose only fresh Aloe Vera Leaf for our production line.