550139a1b58d0.jpg AQUA REAL pH 8.5 Aqua Real

600 ml and 1.5 L

Drinking alkaline water regularly will not help absorb all the nutrients at a faster rate than regular water but it will also help remove more wastes from the cell because alkaline water has a smaller molecule than regular water.

550139ba51196.jpg 40% Aloe Vera drink Natural-V

200 ml/bottle

This natural health drink has a distinctive taste that is the perfect blend of 40% aloe vera mixed with white grape juice and diced aloe vera gel that brings out its succulent flavor

550139cfc4a41.jpg Neutral- V Aloe Vera Natural Pure Juice Neutral-V

Glass Bottle, 750 ml

Aloe vera has many benefits for the body and is an herb that is widely accepted by modern medicine both in Thailand and abroad. It is now known as “the miracle herb, a treasure from nature

550139e625458.jpg Polvera Aloe Vera Fresh Gel Polvera

Clear, plastic tube. 15g./ 120 g.

Polvera Aloe Vera Fresh Gel is made from 99.89% fresh aloe vera. Products made to care for and protect your face and body. Hydrate and rejuvenate your skin with our beauty secret from nature with Polvera Aloe Vera Fresh Gel made from fresh aloe vera