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Aloe Vera and Star Grass Sleeping Mask


Product details

Capacity : Opaque plastic tube, capacity 20 g. / 100 g.

Type : Aloe vera and star grass sleeping mask

Ingredients : Fresh aloe vera, star grass extract, and  Co-Q10

Registration No. : 73-1-5800096


Aloe Vera and Star Grass Sleeping Mask – It is a product that contains an innovative extract as the material to create whitening cosmetics which function at cellular level. Your skin will be perfectly white and radiant with diminished wrinkles. The extract is from star grass, certified by the research from the researchers of Thai Traditional Medicine College, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi. The plant was already registered for a patent to be prepared and to pass the extraction procedures in order to obtain the standard quality extract with highest effectiveness in term of biological activation.        

Star grass extract with acne as well as dark spot treatment records in the past, and included in herbal encyclopedias, was explored in scientific research to confirm that it is truly the extract with the activation to suppress eumelanin formation, motivate collagen reproduction, and block free radicals. It is regarded as the multifunctional extract (all in one) guaranteed by several continuous studies which have received many national and international innovation awards.

Excellent Properties of Polvera: Aloe Vera and Star Grass Sleeping Mask 

  • Colorless
  • Non-alchoholic
  • Creates skin moisture
  • Reduces scars caused by acnes and dark spots
  • Encourages the reproduction of skil cells as well as hypodermic collagen
  • Q 10 prevents wrinkles and free radicals
  • Protects skin from UV damage
  • Efficient and suitable for being added in whitening and anit-aging cosmetics
  • Restrains Tyrosinase and retards the process of melanocytes
  • Safer for facial skin than vitamin C at the same concentration, according to the  research  

Shelf Life

As stated the side of product.

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