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40% Aloe Vera drink


Product Description

Packaging :Emerald green glass bottle, 1 box contains 24 bottles

Size : 200 ml/bottle

Type : Diced aloe vera gel mixed with white grape juice

Ingredients : 40% Aloe Vera and 15% White Grape Juice

FDA: 73-1-05036-2-0016


40% Aloe Vera drink 15% White Grape Juice  This natural health drink has a distinctive taste that is the perfect blend of 40% aloe vera mixed with white grape juice and diced aloe vera gel that brings out its succulent flavor, enriched with Vitamin C from fresh aloe vera and white grapes. We put great emphasis on quality control from planting the herb, extracting and processing the products, up until the products are delivered to our consumers. We aim to keep you feeling fresh and hydrated. Natural -V can stimulate the immune system to work more effectively, a better option for the new generation who cares about their health.

Stimulates the immune system to be more effective.

  • Brain : Helps the blood vessels in the brain to become resilient.
  • Mouth : Heals oral ulcers such as aphthous ulcer/ canker sore and sore throat
  • Liver : Stimulates the production of insulin to help break down the sugar in your blood and is a supplement treatment for diabetes patients.
  • Stomach : Heal wounds in the stomach, treats gastritis, and help digest food.
  • Skin: Helps restore moisture back to the skin, heal wounds, prevent and reduce scars

Recommended Dose

For a better taste, refrigerate and shake well before drinking.

Shelf Life

1 year if the seal is unbroken. Once opened, refrigerate and consume within 1 day.


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