question Is Bangkok Aloe LTD., Part. owned by a Thai company or is it foreign ownership? What kind of products do you sell?
answer Bangkok Aloe LTD., Part. is a Thai owned company and we produce products regarding aloe vera for health and beauty. However, we target at both the domestic and foreign market.
question What does Polvera help with?
answer It moisturizes, decreases wrinkles, helps with dry skin, works as an after sun when you have been out in the sun for long hours and need protection, and it also helps the skin look radiant.
question Is it suitable for all skin types?
answer The main purpose of aloe vera products is to give moisture to the skin. Once the skin is moisturized, it will produce less oil which is the main cause of comedonal and inflammatory acne. It does not help acne disappear immediately but it will help prevent new ones. Another advantage of aloe vera is that it kills germ and viruses so the inflammatory acne will slowly dry out. As for the comedonal acne, we suggest you pop it and use aloe vera immediately to prevent scarring. As for those with dry skin, aloe vera can help with acne aestivalis or mallorca acne which is caused from dry skin and help prevent wrinkles. So to answer your question, is Polvera suitable for all skin types? The answer is yes.
question How many percent of aloe vera is in the product?
answer It contains 85% pure aloe vera and we also add Vitamin C and Q10. The aloe vera itself goes through a 4 hour process in order to get the final product that contains the most nutrients.
question When should I use it?
answer How to use: Use morning and night daily like any other moisturizer. If you are already using another product, make sure you apply the products according to the thickness of the formula. Polvera can also be used as an after sun once you have been out in the sun for hours. It can be applied all over the body because it is not sticky and easily absorbs into the skin.
question Where can I find more details?
answer Please call 02 437 0336 or visit us on Facebook at 'Natural-V & Polvera' or chat with us on Line at 'Bangkokaloe'
question What are its benefits and properties?
answer It helps stimulate the immune system in the body and can also be used as a refreshing beverage.
question What are the ingredients?
answer It is 40% aloe vera and 15% grape juice.
question Is neutral-V considered medicine or food supplements?
answer It is a food supplement that can be taken along with medicine.
question What does it help with?
answer It helps with fresh wounds, skin diseases, gastrointestinal tract, digestive system, blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, insomnia, weak muscles, allergies, intestines, and arthritis.
question How many percent of aloe is in this product and does it contain any sugar?
answer It is 99.67% pure aloe vera and is sugar-free. It is lychee-scented for easier consumption.
question How many dosage should one take?
answer Should be consumed 30 minutes before each meal or when you are on an empty stomach. Drink 3-4 times a day, morning, afternoon, evening, and night.
question Can I use it on my face?
answer You can use it as a mask for those who has acne or wants to add moisture to their skin.
question Where can I find more details?
answer Please contact us at 02 437 0336 or find us on Facebook at 'Neutral-V' or chat with us on Line at 'Bangkokaloe'.
question What is Alkaline Water?
answer Alkaline Water is water that has been through a process of water ionization to reach an alkaline level of around pH 8-14. It has food minerals that the body needs such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, and potassium all in one. It does not have any heavy metals as part of its ingredients. Most importantly, the molecules are smaller than ones found in regular water which makes the body easier to absorb the nutrients at a faster rate when compared to regular water.
question What is pH?
answer Potential Hydrogen or known shortly as pH is an acid-base indicator and has a level from 1-14. If the pH level is less than 7 then that substance will turn out acidic. But if the pH is more than 7 then that substance will be alkaline. But if the pH is at 7, it means that the substance is pH balance or is neither acidic or alkaline. It will not cause any irritation to the skin. Knowing the pH level of each substance is important in producing products especially in the food industry, beverages industry, and cosmetics industry.
question What level of pH should we choose to consume?
answer Normally, the blood level of a normal human being who is not sick will measure out to around a pH of 7.35-7.45 which contains a low level of acid but the body is able to adapt and adjust on its own. There are some food and drinks that are able to help the body adjust when it is not able to on its own. The Pollution Control Department, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment states that bottled water need to meet the standard of having a pH level of 6.5-8.5. Therefore, you should not drink water that is too acidic or too alkaline.
question Why choose to drink alkaline water?
answer According to naturopathy, it is believed that each food and beverages will act as heat or cold in the body. When compared scientifically it is like acid-alkaline which will effect the body and its health. Much like the environment that changes according to the weather and climate, the food we eat is a big part of our daily life. Most people lean towards having too much acid in their body. Therefore, a simple way out is to consume food and beverages that has alkaline and drinking alkaline water is something you can consume everyday.
question What are the benefits of alkaline water?
answer Researches show that alkaline water makes the body absorb nutrients and minerals easier. It also antioxidant which helps with many diseases such as memory loss, weak muscles, arthritis, tumor/cancer, and other chronic diseases. Alkaline water can also help treat and prevent other sickness such as fever, seborrheic dermatitis, allergies, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, constipation, diarrhea, migraine, intestinal diseases, kidney stone, bigorexia, fatigue, and clears out the toxic in the body which helps the excretory system and reduces odor as well.
question What is acidosis?
answer Acidosis can be cause by 2 things:
1. It can be cause by metabolic processes that creates an excess of acid or the body is not able to get rid of those acid. The body will try to adjust itself causing you to breathe faster, headaches, drowsiness, and confusion. The ability to absorb minerals will defer such as producing cells and cell repair. The ability to get rid of toxic will decrease and cause tumor that leads to fatigue and easier to get sick. Worst case scenario, it can lead to coma and eventually death.
2. It can be caused by the respiratory system in which stemmed from acute and chronic lung diseases such as emphysema, pneumonia, asthma, and lung cancer. When injected with sedatives or taking sleeping pills, the nervous system will malfunction and control the breathing at an abnormal rate, including the respiratory rate of a self-contained breathing apparatus which will be at a lower pace.
Having too much acid can effect the function of the body and lead to different symptoms such as:
1. The digestive system will have a problem digesting the food and can cause nausea, gastro-esophageal reflux diseases, and too much acid in the stomach.
2. The circulatory system is the main cause of heart diseases because one the body has a high level of acidity, it tries to create thicker arteries from fat to prevent leakage and the heart has to work harder.
3. An impaired immune system as bacteria and viruses are able to grow faster in a body that has a high level of acidity leading to colds and easier to catch a flu.
4. It affects the respiratory system as a body with a high level of acidity makes it harder for the oxygen to distribute throughout the body and if there is not enough oxygen to reach the cells, it will be easier for the body to be easily infected by sickness such as catching a fever, bronchitis, or asthma.
5. The skeletal system can be affected as the body needs calcium and magnesium from the bones to decrease the acid in the blood,leading to osteoporosis, rocking of tooth and tooth decay which is the main cause of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. From the build up of the acid in the body it can lead to weak muscles that can easily deteriorate.
6. It can cause skin infections as the skin can easily be infected due to a decreased resistance to infection. It can also cause akin abrasions and bruised easily.
7. The nervous system can be weakened, leading to a malfunction in thoughts, memories, and attitude.
8. The kidney can be affected as it has the duty to balance out the acid in the body, if there is too much acid in the body the kidney will take the minerals from the bones into the blood and it will eventually reach the kidney. Eventually, it can cause kidney stone.
9. The muscles will lack elasticity due to the acid that will prevent the change in glucose and oxygen into energy, making the muscles less flexible.
question How can I get more details and information?
answer Please contact us at 02 437 0336, visit our Facebook page at 'AQUA REAL' and chat with us on Line at 'Bangkokaloe'.